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Meet the Owners

Pasquale and Leanna met in 1990 while working for the same NY accounting firm. They became friends, and shortly after destiny took its course and they fell in love. They were married just 2 years later. Over the past 30 years, they have raised three children into intelligent young adults who constantly make their parents proud, even though they’re dispersed throughout the country. Pasquale and Leanna’s love moved them to paradise on Sanibel Island in 2018, just in time for Pasquale to retire from Corporate America and for them to start a new chapter in their lives. 

As a first-generation Italian American, Pasquale spent the summers of his childhood visiting his grandparents in Campagna, Italy. He spent time on the farms and in the kitchen, learning how to cook traditional Italian dishes. His experiences in Italy stuck with him and he decided to share the joys of Italian culinary tradition with his family and friends. He taught and shared his traditions of tomato sauce in the summers, sausage in the winters, and wine throughout the year with Leanna and their children hoping to pass his passion on to the new generation. Incorporating homemade creations into the daily cuisine is what Pasquale admires most about his culture. 

After being an active participant in her children’s growth, Leanna decided she wanted more. She enrolled in The Institute of Integrated Nutrition in NYC where she received her certificate as a Holistic Health Counselor. She soon discovered how each individual holds the key to using food as medicine. With her knowledge, she focuses on the quality of food you put into your body and the importance of good, healthy food. 

With their combined experiences and love for authentic Italian food, they decided to bring their dream to life. When you enter Tutti Pazzi Italian Kitchen, you will enter as a guest, but we strive for you to become our friend and make you feel like family. In Italy, the dinner table is where the magic happens – Friends and family gather around the table to fill their bodies with food and wine, and their souls with happiness, laughter, and most importantly, love.